Exploited College Girls Skylar

Watch Skylar on Exploited College Girls. I know the World’s a pretty shitty place right now, but 19 year old young and willing Skyler we hope will be just that vice to help you through your tough week. Now Skyler is a friend of fan favorite Ellie aka Hazel Moore and Ellie is the girl Skyler mentions in her interview as being the girl she first hooked up with and they licked each other’s pussies while at one of their dorm parties. You will just love how shy and presumed innocent this girl is as she talks about what she likes sexually with that beautiful smile, supple lips and braces. During this hot conversation we find out that innocent teen beauty Skyler has never used sex toys before and Jake introduced her to the wonderful would of the Hitachi. “OH MY GOD… OH FUCK. OH THAT FEELS GREAT!”, exhales Skyer as her new favorite way to masturbate brings her to her first of 6 O’s of the day. And the man that make any girl squirt got right to work after the toys and her 2nd “first” of many today happened as her pussy juices erupted out of her tight teen fuck box. Skyler then gets right to what she loves, and sucking cock is something that Jake can confirm she is good at. You can’t chisel the smile off this girls face as Jake instructs her what to do with his cock and then makes her squirt a second time before he tries that tight pink pussy out for size. You can tell Skyler has only been fucked by young boys who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing because she exclaims at the end of this scene that “I didn’t know sex could be this good”. Damn strait girl. We don’t fuck around her and after Jake fucks her silly in missionary he fucks her in modified reverse cowgirl and probes that tight asshole since it’s puckered and just asking to be explored. The next position in our little tour of sexually fulfillment is reverse cowgirl, which Skyler confesses is her new favorite position after today. Next stop on the tour is doggy and just watch this Latina hottie back that thing up and fuck Jake’s cock as he pounds that pussy all the way to pound-town. “Oh fuck me daddy” she screams as no mercy is shown to her inexperienced holes. Of course we told her to reach back and spread her whore check wide so her pussy lip grabs are visible on Jake’s cock as he withdraws with every forceful thrust. After that pounding Skyler needed a little break so Jake gives her a tongue-lashing she will never forget as she O’s one more time. This girl just can’t get enough good dick and Jake takes her to another O in side-spoon where she confesses what a total whore she is and loves cock. Fuck this teen is so fun to corrupt and the SEXploitation doesn’t end there, NO! We just had to make Skyler do the final first of the day and lick Jake’s ass as I use the Hitachi on her clit from behind. Fuck if she was not into it and just watch as her little virgin asshole puckers and winks at me the entire time I tortured her clit to her last and final O of the day. 6 in total and that’s a new record for her. Oh yea, Skyler loves cum also and sucks Jake’s cock dry after he unloads on her face as a kind of thank you for fucking her so silly. Man if we didn’t use young and innocent Skyler as our personal little fuck doll that day but damn if she didn’t enjoy it. Our first timer’s are precious and sweet aren’t they?, and oh so EXPLOITABLE.

Actors: Skylar

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