Exploited College Girls Serena


Watch Serena on Exploited College Girls. The term sex kitten often gets overused, but when it comes to 21 year old Serena, it’s the perfect description of this very sensual first timer. This girl loves sex and when you hear her moans of desire, you’ll know just how into it she gets. Though she’s single, she has her hook-up buddies and loves to tease them with hot bootie pics and sexy texts so when they arrive, they’re all revved up and ready to fuck. She loves turning her guys on and likes it even better when they return the favor with lots of foreplay. Doesn’t matter much whether they use their fingers or a toy, it’s all pleasure to her. Fortunately for her guys, she loves, loves, loves to give blowjobs and considers her skills to be a 10. We’re happy to confirm that and definitely agree the girl has skills!

Serena doesn’t mind it at all if you want to play rough, she likes it that way and started getting aroused with the very first spank on her lucious ass. Of course, our man Cam knows just what to do with girls like Serena and got her warmed up quickly by taking control of the situation. Our secret weapon claimed another victim and it’s turning out to be a favorite toy by our girls! Serena couldn’t wait to get some cock in her mouth and she gobbled it up like a real pro. She knows how to take it deep and we can guarantee those were tears of joy as she gagged Cam down her throat.
Another surprise is how much Serena loves anal sex. While some girls are just learning, anal is just one of her things and she really pushed herself with Cam taking a large butt plug for some double- penetration. There’s lots of ass pounding action in this one we know you anal aficionados are going to appreciate! Serena also gets off on facials for special occasions, so we think a porn debut qualifies and she gets a full load over her pretty little face. Serena purred like the sex kitten she is and we’re sure this is one pussy you’re going to enjoy!

Actors: Serena

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