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Watch Regina on Exploited College Girls. What can be said about Regina. First off… I just have to say this girl’s mother should be shot for naming her daughter REGINA. If you want to get back at your parents for giving you an old ladies name, showing up at our place sure is one fucking way to do it I guess. But for our purposes here in the write-up we’ll call her Gina. Yea that’s better. Oh and “YEA” is something our little Gina says a lot. I mean a lot lot. So much I wished I had a ball gag to stick in her pretty little mouth when Cam didn’t have his cock in it. Anyways, so our first impressions of this quite, shy girl named GINA was, WHAT THE FUCK IS A SWEET NICE GIRL LIKE THIS DOING HERE! Damn we could not wait to get our hands, fingers, tongue, toys, cock, TV remote and just about anything else we could find lying around the room to use on this little morsel’s holes. Well of course she has to have daddy issues… That’s a given. And she has to be really naive… check. And no doubt she has money problems, combined with I bet, a scumbag BF / pimp who encouraged her to whore out for cash he could spend… Biiiinnnggggoooo!!! Well here at ExCoGi we don’t really give a shit why our little future misguided starlets pass through our doors, were just glad they do and that we get them first. So we start off Gina trying on an outfit during the interview, and I bet you will pick up on the fact that Gina does not have the highest of selection standards when it comes to a mate hahaha. “I’ll just fuck like anybody really” (Scratched record sound) WHAT??!! Her words people not mine. Mommy and daddy must be so proud. She can’t have daddy issues if daddy’s around… right? And the surprises don’t stop there! Gina licked her first pussy at 8!!!!!!! (Scratched record sound) Yes 8!!!! This is not a typo, there is no 1 in front of that 8. “I was just experimenting at sleepovers”, she said as she shrugs her shoulders. There is so much wrong with this I don’t know were to begin… But why she is here is becoming clearer with every uttered word. And the fun doesn’t stop there! NO! As she begins to rattle off her sexual accomplishments like a job applicant would from her resume, I’m amazed she has experienced more things sexually before the tender age of 16 than most people ever will! Double VAG (Scratched record sound), YES DOUBLE VAG people at 16… If I didn’t love this shit so much, I would be shocked LOL. The rest I will just let you experience for yourselves if you want to watch the stuff we film with her clothes on. But once we do get her clothes off and we see just what innocent but very exploitable gifts God gave this beautiful creature are, I’m again amazed at how sweet but misguided Gina really is. I mean damn those nubile perky white tits are so nice. Like she just finished puberty. And that shaved little pussy is so beautiful I’m surprised it took 2 cocks at once! Ok listen to this, Gina masturbates about 3 times a day and loves doing it so much that her beautiful tight pussy broke her rabbit vibrator toy she told us, and I believe her. How tight is Gina’s pussy? Gina’s pussy is so tight that during her jilling off session with us she almost stops the rotating beads with her tight box before she has her first convolution of an orgasm. And I do me convolution! You got to see it people… you just got to. Her orgasm was so intense I think the USGS registered it on their Richter scales as a 5.1 earthquake. I really don’t think this sex-starved girl knows just how innocently sexy she is. And after that earth moving orgasm she just lays there with her long blonde hair, her legs spread wide eagle while that little pink pussy of hers is just begging to be fucked. YEA Gina, you’re going to get fucked real good today, YEA. But not so fast, we have to see just what a good little cocksucker Gina is first and once again this little special girl shines bright with a twinkle in her eye then teabags Cam’s balls like a nut goes into a socket wrench. Like sucking milk through a crazy stray after school, Gina’s skills with a cock in her face just never cease. But Gina’s real whoreness shines brightest when there is a cock in her pussy hole and a thumb up her ass! I just love how Gina’s a pretty little nympho pleaser and doesn’t say no to any of the slutty things we make her do on camera for the first time, and so will you! Oh, and if you like glazed donuts? Gina’s face passes for a sugar glazed donut after Cam unloads on every inch of her eagerly waiting face. Just love girls with daddy issues. So if your first impressions of our oh so innocent looking Gina are nerdy, inexperienced, and not worth my time… I will just say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, cuz Gina’s a sexual nymph that just whored out for all the worlds to see. I do love my job!

Actors: Regina

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