Exploited College Girls Raya

Watch Raya on Exploited College Girls. I will start you off this week with a little sex humor… What do fat chicks and mopeds have in common? Their both fun to ride until your friends see you on one LOL! Now I’m sure Cam doesn’t mind being seen riding and ramming it home with Raya though, and from the moment this bubbly 18 year old showed her smiley faced we knew this girl was going to be fun. Oh and what a fun whore she turned out to be. If you like your tail a little thicker with absolutely GINORMOUS whopping tata’s, with a little bit of “daddy issues” sprinkled in for fun, Raya is the slut in training for you. This energetic cum sponge seemed actually proud of the fact she had fucked so many guys already and “ball parked” the number at 60 or 70! To fuck that many guys by the tender age of 18, I hate to tell you dear, is not something to brag about or put on your resume. You know this girl had to have started spreading those legs early to reach those numbers this young. Any guesses at what age she started?… Anyone?… Bueller?… Bueller?… Well if you guessed 13 when she took her first dick you win a cigar! Raya even started earlier than that when she sucked her first cock in the front row of a movie theater at age 11!!! We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto! She wasn’t done surprising us either when she told us how she rubbed her tight pussy and “made a few videos” on the plane ride over here! Pay attention ExCoGi fans, naughty exhibitionist Raya might just be on your next flight  and just might brighten up your next long or boring red eye by putting on a show for you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… and after we got to know just what a total fucking slut this girl was we wasted no time shoving sex toys and everything we could find laying around up this girls fuck holes. We think she even found a few new BFF’s with batteries that day. She loved the jackrabbit, along with getting DP’d with a butt plug for the first time ever as we brought this whore along on her sexual journey to a total of 4 orgasms! Raya is just one of those girls who is up for anything and would let you do just about anything you want to her, AND WE DID! Raya is also a pleaser, oh yes she is, and she continues on her pleaser ways while sucking Cam’s cock saying “yes sir” to everything she is told to do. Did Cam makes her lick his ass? You betcha! This good little whore does everything we tell her to do as Cam probes her fuck holes in every position possible. Of course she loves every second of it even admitting that being called a dirty whore makes her pussy wet. You have to listen to this girl’s screams of ecstasy as we bringing her first sex on camera to a whole new fucking elevated level. Watch how hard she cums on Cam’s cock in reverse cowgirl. This is actually the first time a guy has ever made her cum and oh what an O it was. I don’t think I have ever seen that much girl cum lathered on a cock before! God I love young misguided girls who have daddy issues! And yes… we made her keep that butt plug up her ass the whole fucking time Cam was plowing her. We hope we fulfilled your expectations as we exploited you Raya? I know you really got messy and we definitely ran out of wipes!

Actors: Raya

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