Exploited College Girls Paisley Redhead


Watch Redhead Paisley on Exploited College Girls. We get all kinds of girls in all shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing like a petite college girl to get us all chubbed up, a girl just like 20 year old Paisley! At just 90 pounds, she the kind of girl you just want to toss around and fuck every which way, which is exactly what our resident stud TC did! And why not, she’s got a super fit body that’s just begging for sex! It was 2 months since she last got a good fucking (which we find hard to believe!), so she was more than ready to get going and didn’t make it out of the shower before she had TC’s cock in her mouth.

Of course, TC being the gentleman he is returns the favor and gets Paisley all warmed up with a vigorous pussy massage which she obviously enjoyed and came almost immediately. Once the vibe comes out, Paisley really gets going and soon is sucking away with skills you’re going to enjoy! Between her dripping pussy and TC’s raging hard on, only one thing could happen and that’s a massive fuck fest that had Paisley cumming over and over again. So many times in fact that she lost count, way to go TC!
There’s a real advantage to fucking a girl that works out, especially the way she squats when she gives TC a ride to remember, on the bed, on a chair didn’t really matter as long as she had TC’s massive cock ramming her tight pussy.

Actors: Paisley

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