Exploited College Girls Melissa Loves Anal POV Casting


Watch Exploited College Girls Melissa Loves Anal POV Casting. So the question for today is What day is it? Well, according to Melissa, It’s ass day! YES IT IS! So here it is, you Melissa lovers, her anal scene, as promised! And boy did it live up to my expectations! God does this girl turn me on, and when she said she would come back for this anal scene, I was hard all week just thinking about it. When she showed up and was putting her makeup on, I asked her what she did the past week. And like the clueless college whore she is she responded “I forget, I have a horrible memory” LOL. I guess she forgot how big and girthy I am when she agreed to come back. Melissa has only been fucked in the ass twice before, “for like 2 minutes only”; each time, and both times by small guys.

Actors: Melissa

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