Exploited College Girls Kate


Watch Kate on Exploited College Girls. One of the things that makes 21 year old Kate special is she’s a real daddy’s girl, and by that we mean she likes daddy cock. She lost her virginity to her stepdad on a camping trip when she was just 14 and that just stuck. During the day, this sweet and innocent looking girl is a receptionist at a school, which is great for her as she gets to see plenty of of DILFS (dads she’d like to fuck!) and you can just imagine her sitting there giving you a shy smile while her pussy gets wet thinking about taking you to the “private” room. What no one knows is underneath it all there’s a little sex freak who likes to play rough and loves it when you wrap your hand around her throat or even better when you throw her over your knee for a good hard spanking. Yes, she’s been a very, very naughty girl.

Of course, subbies like Kate are just our cup of tea and our man Cam knows just what to do with dirty girls. She told us she sometimes has a hard time cumming with guys and that was just the kind of challenge we like. As it turns out, cumming wasn’t a problem for her this time and she had quite a few firsts, including cumming hard with our secret weapon, the jackrabbit! Kate doesn’t usually use toys, but with this one and Cam’s talented tongue, she squealed and shook with her first orgasm. After that she was begging for cock and he was happy to give it to her. Kate’s a very sexy girl with a tight young body and perky little tits that love to be squeezed and a beautiful pussy that got wetter and wetter as the fucking continued. While she didn’t give herself much credit with blowjobs, we’d have to give her performance an A+ and there’s some spectacular sucking here you’re going to enjoy. Even for a porn pro, there’s only so much fucking you can do with a hot twat before you explode and that’s just what happened. Cam blasts Kate’s pretty face with her first ever facial and covers her with a healthy dose of spunk. Kate had such a good time, she’s eager to come back with a threesome, so stay tuned, you won’t want to miss that one!

Actors: Kate

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