Exploited College Girls Jaylee

Watch Jaylee on Exploited College Girls. Sometime you can just look at a girl and know she’s a total slut, and after getting a good look at her tats and skimpy outfit, we knew Jaylee was going to be a good time. This girl really likes being naked and doesn’t care if anyone sees her that way or not, or as she puts it, “it’s a good day for them!” At 22, she’s had plenty of experience and even showed an 18 year old girl on the plane ride pictures of her pussy to try and convince her to go to the shoot with her, we love that kind of enthusiasm! Our petite cum whore also likes getting a big mouthful of pussy, whether it’s her girlfriend’s or some sweet thing she just picks up. She’s a small girl and has a tight little pussy to match, which makes it better when it eventually gets filled to the brim with Cam’s hard cock. Jaylee couldn’t wait to get her holes filled up and to release her inner slut, which was just fine with us. It didn’t take long for us to also realize that she had some daddy issues as Cam got her warmed up, so she’s a real pleaser from way back! So Jaylee likes girls, check, giving blowjobs, check, getting fucked, check, but what about anal? Ass is definitely on her list, she loves having her tight little asshole licked and played with and even likes some toys, but she’s just too tight for a big cock. That doesn’t stop her from giving our man Cam a nice little rimjob though, so we’ll give her the check. She’s basically just a little submissive whore who will do anything you want, she just wants to make her daddy happy after all! Between her tiny twat and hot, wet mouth Jaylee takes Cam to the edge and gets a huge facial as her reward. We love girls who get off from getting a huge load and Jaylee loved being the little dirty slut she is.

Actors: Jaylee

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