Exploited College Girls Jane POV Casting


Watch Exploited College Girls Jane POV Casting. The taller one of the now-infamous Crystal and Jane duo, 18-year-old Jane comes back for more thorough exploitations. Except for Jane, despite her innocent and wholesome looks, is very much into getting fucked hard on camera. Her boyfriend wasn’t given her any until recently so the poor girl is cock-starved – and I’m here to help. Maybe the guy is on to her games, she never told him that she is whoring it up on camera for extra shopping cash. All he knows is that she sometimes takes nude photos, and that’s it. I pick up Jane from her boyfriend’s place where she stays when she is in town. As a student at Flagstaff’s NAU, Jane is happy whenever she gets to come down here and shop her little heart out. But to do so a girl needs money and lots of it…

Actors: Jane

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