Exploited College Girls Jade


Watch Jade on Exploited College Girls. To say that Jade, this week’s 21-year-old ExCoGi’s exploit, is lacking confidence would be an understatement. It’s almost like saying this week’s new stud Jake has a small cock… NOT! Jake, put that thing away or someone might get hurt! I think Jade is hoping she won’t be able to walk strait for a week after today. This girl knows she is sexy, hot and built for sex and her first impression of our man Jake is met with skepticism when I pick both of them up at the airport. She’s just not sure weather Jake’s up for the job or not? “I’ve never had a guy give me an orgasm before” she says. Well let’s introduce you to Frankendick, Megacock, or shall we call it Godzilladong! Jake’s fucking monster of a cock is going to rip this unsuspecting nursing Student’s award winning vagina in half. And trust me she will never judge a book by its cover again. Now I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of vaginas and I must say what a beautiful pussy you have. Just listen to how badly this slut begs for Jake’s cock as she sucks and deep throats his donkey dick before he gives it to her. Jade just cannot stop saying in amazement how fucking big Jake’s cock is and praying to God with ever thrust! This girl’s facial expressions are nonstop and priceless as Jake pounds this sex starved whore first in doggy style and then in every position possible. Oh and did I mention Jade squirts… and squirts, and squirts! Trust me… she has O after O with every wave of Jake’s magical wand. She even screamed so loud during reverse cowgirl that I thought security would knock on our door. Stripping was never this much fun and why didn’t I try fucking on camera sooner is probably what was running through this girls mind during and after this shoot. If you love watching our studs give unsuspecting closet whores the fuck of their lives with more orgasm’s then they have ever had before, then this video will be in your top 5. I suspect Jade didn’t quite know what to expect when she walked into our hotel room that day but left understanding what a real fuck session is and how good sex can be from a professional when she left…. I guarantee it. If your looking for a new career Jade away from he stripping pole I know you have one being a slutty cum bucket in the jizz biz. I will leave you now to Jack or Jill off with this little medley from the comic Andrew Dice Clay. “Jack and Jade went up on the hill both with a buck and a quarter… Jade came down with $2.50 OOOH!!!…That fucking whore!”

Actors: Jade

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