Exploited College Girls Harley

Watch Harley on Exploited College Girls. Bush Alert! Bush Alert! When 18 year-old Harley showed up for our little shoot I was not expecting a young stripper to have a hairy bush between her legs. But once at the hotel she took off her robe and flashed us what Mother Nature blessed her with… I have to admit, I kind of thought it was hot. If your dream girl is of the Polynesian or South Pacific persuasion then Harley is your type. Long dark silky hair, perfect firm perky tits and I do mean PERFECT, great ass and tight body. What’s not to like? Ok ok ok, so she fucked it up with a few tats and facial piercings, we all did stupid shit or made a few bad decisions when we were young. I hope today doesn’t turn out to be another one. But damn girl those tits are spectacular!!! And once we got our little islander on the bed and rubbing her pussy we found out just how shy and awkward our little slut du jore is. During the interview we found out that this shy newbie was hit on by her boss when she was just 15 years old and finally gave into his “Creepy” comments at 17! Reality alert fathers!, this is what happens when daddy’s not around to make sure his little darling doesn’t end up swinging from a stripper pole or spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy for strange men with cameras and cash LOL. Just wait till you see this weeks exploit squirm when we introduce her to toys and the Hitachi. Once again it’s a first at how hard Harley cums that her sweet pussy lips gets so flushed and swollen that it’s a site to behold. Oh and sucking cock? She does everything we tell her to do and admits she likes it when Cam rams his cock deep down her throat so she can’t breath. We definitely have to coax out of her what’s going on inside this little slut’s head, but her facial expressions tell everything as Cam makes our 1 st timer cum multiple times. Oh yes our little stripper is shy, coyly admitting she enjoys watching herself get fucked while we film her. So much so that we started one of our videos for her to watch while Cam gave it to her doggy style. I think Harley just found something new to do at home while getting fuck. Fuck can this little whore take a dick balls deep down her throat while a vibrators on her clit. But the real treat is when Cam unloads on her face for her first facial ever and you sense the disdain and disgust of all that cum covering her face and in her mouth. They say variety is the spice of life and just like going hogging every now and then is fun, so is adding some bush to the mix. As long as these barely legal girls are young, cute, naive, and exploitable… we shoot em for your viewing pleasure

Actors: Harley

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