Exploited College Girls Hailey

Watch Hailey on Exploited College Girls. Boy oh boy ExCoGi fans do we have something special for you this week. As the saying goes, “Some girls do, some girls don’t, and some you just can’t tell”. Well this 19 year old, soft spoken girl comes to us from the one and only Sin City, and at first glace is not your typical girl you think would be doing this. But if you like super cute shy girls with great bodies and is up for anything that a perverted older guy wants to do to them, then this is your girl. If it were not for the tats on this sex kitten you would never expect that she would want to be exploited on camera for all our fans, but we are glad she does. Hailey admits she is not to experienced with sex, but by the end of the shoot thought that our exploits of her were an 11!!! God I love misguided, naive, sex starved, girls who can’t say no to anything nasty and perverted asked of them. This little submissive did everything Cam asked her to do including licking his ass which she did like a good little submissive. I’m no psychiatrist but I bet this girl was raised in a conservative family and was always told she was not pretty enough. She probably only got attention from “nice” boys but wanted attention from the boys who would treat her like the closet whore she is. Well Hailey we’ll treat you like the whore you are and show the entire world you are as well! She loved every minute of it; we hope you love watching every minute.

Actors: Hailey

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