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Watch Candy on Exploited College Girls. It must be that Saturn, Mars & Pluto are in alignment or something because lately we have been blessed with so many first timers that seem to be extra nervous and shy. Now I’m not complaining one fucking bit about this. Actually it’s considered a bonus in my book and today’s treat is little 19 yr old exploitee Candy who fits this profile. To. A. Tee. Obviously Candy is a made up name and reminds me of being in a strip club. “Candy, you’re up next!”. Were else do you hear names this made up but from a struggling strip club DJ. The only difference is, she gets completely naked and lets our stud JJay exploit ALL of our misguided newbie’s orifices before showering her with cash. That’s right, our little Candy is the honorary recipient of JJay’s pole up her poop shoot as she meanders her way to sodomyville. An extra bonus is she has only had one cock before up that ass canal. That’s not one guy many times who’s been honored with this pleasure, no no no no no. She’s only been sodomized one time before! Only numero uno times! The number before 2 and after 0. My dick’s getting harder and harder as every word is uttered. What makes this even hotter is her shy giggly descriptive details of the guys cock size to JJay. And why is Candy here to take a cock up her ass for our fans viewing pleasure? Is it because she likes anal or is it just to make a little extra money? “Ummm, I thinks it’s… both probably.. yea”, she says with the ever present Deer-in-the Headlights look. Does she even know where she is? Your in a hotel room my dear with a stranger you just met an hour ago to let him ram his cock up your tight asshole for money, and to be filmed doing-it! (Tapping a microphone sound) “Is this thing on? Is this on?”. I have to sometimes pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!!! Ok ok, back to the task at hand. Our first timer is also very inexperienced sexually and hasn’t seen many cocks before we assume judging from her responses to JJay’s questions. How big was the cock that first penetrated the tender folds of this fawns asshole? We probe for answers. “It was average sized”, she clamors, then gestures a size with her hands that suggest a much larger than averaged size cock hahaha; I’d judge it to be around 10″ long hahaha. Hence discovering the fact that Candy here likes black guys. I hate to destroy innocent perceptions of future sexual joys and gratifications to an unsuspecting nubile like Candy here, but the fact that the average male cock size is only 5’2″, according to ForHims.com, speaks volumes why sex toys are a girls best friend. Not diamonds as Marilyn professes in her song. I just have to point out this second fact that this means 50% of the men that make up the 7.7 billion people in the world have a penis smaller than 5’2″. I feel your frustrations ladies. But only “averaged” size 10″ cocks, black guys and professionally paid porn studs by the mere age of 19? I’m afraid Candy here is in for a lifetime of love-life letdowns, frustrations, and disappointments if she decides to stray from her usual’s. My advise to Candy is to take her life savings, or borrow some money I forgot why she’s here, and go to Vegas and bet it all on Black. If your luck has been to always fuck guys where “her” averaged size cock is 10″. You’re luckier than 98% of humans walking the earth. So as we probe deeper we find that our Candy also likes girls and has hooked up with just one recently. I don’t know about you but Candy’s awkward shyness is extremely hot as she gives the description of how she and this other girl ate each other out and fingered each other’s pussies. I’ll just say that if you skipped the interview, you leaped way past the foreplay and went stampeding towards the clitoris. Take the time to watch it. It sets the stage of how innocent, shy and newbie’ish Candy really is. Ok so we fast-forward & JJay gets right on checking this girls body out and what a nice pubescent body and ass she has. You can tell this girl is starving to experiment sexually cuz she has pierced nipples but is inexperienced. Not what I would do if I had those perfect perky tits but they are the favorite part of her body she says. Next JJay instructs Candy to sit down and she goes right to spreading those legs wide. Good girl, were going to get along just fine today. Our stud then gets on to rubbing and probes this morsels pussy lips and fuck hole getting her all revved up and finds that she just had an orgasm the night before. We all wish we were there and she’s about to get a few more today I think. What comes next? The skillfully administers the Jackrabbit to our newbie box is what along with the Hitachi. This girls box oozes with pussy juice as the Hitachi dances over her clit and brings her to an O. Of course JJay puts a butt plug up her ass. It’s an anal scene don’t forget then probes her anal canal with an assortment of glass dildos for your viewing pleaser. Is Candy enjoying her first sex on Camera? Your guess is as good as mine. Does she have any orgasms? We think so, with this girl’s poker face were just not sure and surprisingly so is Candy, but her pussy is so wet! Does Candy like to suck cock? Does it matter? She does a great job of it based on JJay’s moaning. Is Candy’s pussy or asshole tighter? Inquiring minds want to know. Well JJAy says the ASS! You be the judge gauging from Candy’s expressions of pain on that fresh face as it’s rammed up her. And take it good she does. “Do you like getting fucked up the ass?”, JJAy asks. “Yea” she moans unconvincing LOL. You can say Candy’s quite and shy but think it makes it all the more hot that she gets a good ass pounding and we’re not sure if she’s enjoying it or not. Exploitation of another fresh face and asshole for everyone to see is in the books.

Actors: Candy

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