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Watch Autumn on Exploited College Girls. On December 19th , the last day of Autumn 2019, it’s only fitting that we present to our fans, 19 year old Autumn in her 1st sex on camera. If you like your girls wholesome and innocent looking Autumn’s your cup of tea. But don’t let this shy exterior fool you and Autumn’s not sure if she’s the type of girl that wants to watch herself fuck on video, “But yea… I will probably watch it”, she says as we get to know her more on the way to the hotel. Autumn’s mannerisms for sure are shy, with that “hesitant / reluctance” vibe going on about her. But she confesses that after her friend Candi (Ashley Manson), last weeks update was here and had such a good time, she decided she would take the plunge and take a cock on camera with us. “I just want to have a good time”, she explains as she tells us about her sexual escapades in the car. If you can believe this, Autumn tells us that she has not had sex in over a month, but don’t let this shy unassuming perception fool you.

Autumn is a little wild thing, confessing she’s bi-curious and secretly wants Candi’s head between her legs, or vise versa. Candi, if you’re reading this go fuck Autumn tonight! Her mouth, according to JJay, will make your kittycat pure. We also find out she likes all kinds of porn and is pretty much down for anything sexual which make the net story she tells oh so hot. Just like you I bet, I was not expecting this but innocent looking Autumn tells JJay about the time she met 2 guys at a party and had a 3some with them. It’s so hot as she describes one was fucking her pussy and he other she was sucking off in her nervous voice. “They were both good looking and nice so I went back into my room with them”, she said with a smile. Go girl! Let your inner slut lose. It’s hard to believe she hasn’t had sex in over a month but this dry spell is all about to change today, and change it does.

Once we get her inside the hotel and get her makeup done she’s introduced to the Hitachi. “It’s so big & looks intimidating”, she says as she inspects the orgasm torture devise. “I’m shy starting by myself”, Autumn bashfully confesses as JJay instructs her to take off her clothes and spread her legs. I have to say Autumn’s hesitant / reluctance is so fucking hot as she opens her legs revealing her freshly shaved pussy for the whole world to see. “See, it’s not so intimidating”, JJay says after Autumn has 3 orgasms from it while giving JJay a fucking awesome BJ simultaneously. It never gets old watching a teen discover the Hitachi for the first time and you know she enjoyed it by how flushed she gets and how beautifully engorged her pussy becomes with each orgasm she has. Does she give good head? Fuck yea she does, exclaims JJay. “I was not expecting that” he says after Autumn displayed her sucking skills.

Next JJay just has to try out her fuck hole and starts our newbie out in missionary. I don’t know about you but there is definitely something sexy about how Autumn takes JJay’s cock at 41:17. Those eyes, combined with her adorable freckles and smile, tell the story that she has not had a guy care about her pleasure EVER and she’s thoroughly enjoying the fucking she’s receiving today. And a fucking she gets as JJay pounds her pussy and uses the Hitachi on her clit simultaneously bringing her to more orgasm’s. From here you know the story: Rubbing that engorged pussy, fuck her silly side spoon, more orgasms, chocking, more Hitachi and orgasms, reverse cowgirl and pussy grinding, ending with a spectacular facial; and I do mean spectacular! She definitely was not expecting that much cum. And her cute little giggle and smile at the end as JJay’s cum drips from her face and chin makes my dick harder as I type this. Autumn may be leaving our hotel room as winter creeps in, but you will want to be flapping to this scene all winter long, I guarantee it.

Actors: Autumn

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