Exploited College Girls Amina

Watch Amina on Exploited College Girls. Amina may only be 18, but strait from the moment we got her naked and trying on outfits she beamed with confidence and enthusiasm. Sure Amina was a cheerleader in high school and can wrap her legs around her head. Don’t we wish all our exploits could be this flexible? Amina is not nervous or shy about what she likes sexually either. “I like to be classy on the outside, but in bed I like to be super kinky and into it”. We like your attitude girl. What else can be said about Amina and her sexual skills? She likes to deep throat, her pussy is always wet, she likes to be eaten out, and she can really ride a cock. I can just feel the girl power. But all this small talk gets our imaginations running wild with what naughty and slutty things we were about to make our little whore do. Yes she claims that her blowjob skills are amazing, “I’m actually really good at it”, which Cam put to the test while ramming his cock down her throat, testing out those deep-throating skills. And squirting? Oh yea she squirts, so much that she drenched a huge wet spot on the bed while I manhandled that little pussy and clit with the Hitachi from behind. All this is going on as Cam’s cock and balls were chin deep down her throat bringing her to a 3rd and 4th orgasm. Is Amina orgasmic you ask? Fuck yea she is. She has so many orgasms during sex she can’t remember just how many she has had, “But it’s a lot” she says, and has one in every position Cam throws her into. Oh and of course we make her lick ass for the first time. Have you forgotten how perverted and exploitative we are with first timers? You expect nothing less from us right? Young, eager, and slutty is just the way we like them here at ExCoGi. So the list is long of all the sexual things that this once cheerleader loves to do, and have done to her. But one thing is for damn sure, Amina is one girl we can all stand up and cheer for.

Actors: Amina Fara

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