BackroomCastingCouch Andi POV

Watch Andi on BackroomCastingCouch POV. 23 year old Freaky little sex puppet Andi fucks so frequently that she decided to turn her obsession into a career! So last week she set out to find an agent… Unfortunately for her, she found my models wanted ad. After some lengthy text messages back and fourth, she agreed to come in for an “interview”. In the scene, I let her know that based on her appearance (gym body) that she had the right look for the job. HOWEVER, there’s just one catch – she needed to convince me that she can fuck on camera. She took the bait and immediately we had her suck, fuck and squirt everywhere. She loved it. After we sent her home she texted a few times, but was left on read. This was a few weeks ago. Since then, I heard she found an agent and might be making more scenes. Definitely check out this video if you’re a squirt fan. She squirted 3 different times!

Actors: Andi

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