Backroom Casting Couch Hanna POV Casting


Watch Backroom Casting Couch Hanna POV Casting. 20 year old Hanna is naive (or greedy?) enough to keep talking to producers even though she already got screwed over by one before (she tells us all about it), but smart enough to ask for a condom when I talk her into doing me for her demo tape; (She insists on it so I motion her to grab one from the desk. Later she sheepishly grabs another one from her purse, where I spy a whole box of them. Whore.) But I get my way when I take it off without telling her – during painal. She comes up with one really creative position to impress those high caliber folks I promise would watch her demo. I liked Hanna’s enthusiasm and niceness so much, I even bleep out the name of the University she attends. Maybe her dream of becoming a doctor now still has a chance. LOL, kidding…

Actors: Hanna

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